will power

WILLPOWER is a Multidisciplinary Artist combining coding, electrical engineering and Architecture to create immersive and interactive audiovisual performances & installations. His purpose is to create spatial experiences that transcend the mind of the audience into realms of imagination, in order to enter deeper layers of their inner reality.


Forces of The Light

An Immersive Sound Reactive Light Experience by WILLPOWER STUDIOS, curated by ARTCAMPAiGN Berlin.

It encompasses 3 individual installations:

Dimensional Door




Pyramidal Light


Holographic Universe

you are the one

An Immersive Audiovisual Performance by WILLPOWER LIFEFORCE of WILLPOWER STUDIOS.

YOU ARE THE ONE happened at an event named ‘Visual Reality’ in Santa Monica — California, based on VR Experiences, Sound Healing Frequencies with the SubPac and Immersive Projections.


A Sound Reactive Octahedron Origami Structure.

THE UPPA signifies staying high above the negative energies of others and the world. It is about not letting the negative judgement of others hurt us or bring us mentally down. We stay true to ourselves in a high vibrational state no matter what.

Will Power


An Interactive Sound Reactive Light Structure

It takes sound for the structure to light up. Music or/and the human voice activates it for example. The structure occupies the space and holds a certain presence. It is made out of squares interlinked in a cluster. They all have perpendicular relationships and are all parallel to one another. I build them without a sketch. I simply started building out of thick board like paper. I cut pieces into my first square, and kept building form there. The visualization was in my head. I programmed the light to react to sound using Processing, which is a java-based open source programming language. I mapped each piece using x,y coordinates. I did not use a software to map the structure. I have more control if I map it with code. I wanted to keep building the structure, but it had to be ready for the opening of POP UP Fashion Berlin. It is a clothing, accessories, art store based in Berlin, and this location is in a mall called BIKINI in West Berlin. I want to build a structure like this that is about 10-meters wide and 6-meters high. It should have multiple faces, making it in total 40-meters wide. It will make it an immersive world of wonder.

Will Power




2018 Presenting the WILLPOWER Theremin at Spektrum — Berlin.
2018 You Are The One: Audiovisual Performance at Visual Reality — Santa Monica, California. 2017 Audiovisual Performance for Fashion Week Berlin, Studio183 — Berlin.
2017 Audio Performance using the first version of my Theremin at Spektrum — Berlin.
2015 AudioVisual Performance during Pop Up Fashion Berlin — Fashion Tech Festival in Berlin. 2015 Interactive Performance using MYO, WEAR IT Conference — Berlin.
2015 Live Hand Drawings, Meshcon / MakerFaire — Berlin.
2015 AudioVisual Performance during Pop Up Fashion Berlin Fashion Show at MLove Festival — Hamburg. 2015 WILLPOWER x TANK: An Immersive AudioVisual Performance — Technical University of Berlin. 2014 OUT OF THIS WORLD at Bakehouse Art Complex — Miami.
2014 VISUAL COMPOSER 2 at Lehman Theatre — Miami Dade College, Florida.
2014 SOUND FOREST at NUMA — Paris.
2013 UNIVERSAL BEINGS at LOFT — Downtown Los Angeles.
2009 WILLPOWER—VOLUME 01 at Théatre de Verre — Paris.


2019 Forces of The Light – An Immersive Sound Reactive Light Experience @ ARTCAMPAiGN — Berlin 2018 Dimensions of Perception: Sound Reactive Audiovisual Projection @ BlnkEast—Los Angeles, California 2018 Duality: Audiovisual Projection @ BlnkEast—Los Angeles, California
2017 Forces of Light: An Immersive Audiovisual Projection for the Brewery Art Walk—Lincoln Heights 2016 Fashion Week Berlin: Audiovisual Projection for Catwalk @ STUDIO183—Berlin

2015 Merkaba Activation, LUCID—Berlin
2015 Glitch Your Face, Twilio—Berlin
2015 Pixalized World at Studio183—Berlin
2015 Multi-Dimensions, A Sound Reactive Wall Sculpture at Studio183—Berlin 2015 Digital Mirrors during Catwalk, POP UP Shop Berlin
2015 The Uppa, POP UP Shop Berlin
2014 The Unda at Bakehouse Art Complex — Miami
2014 SOUND FOREST at NUMA — Paris.
2014 I AM HERE at Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami
2013 ASCENSION at Eyebeam, New York City.
2013 COLOR WARRIORS at Yo Amo 305, Miami.
2011 I LIVE MY VISION at D301 Projects, Venice—California.
2011 EAT ON IT at l’Edito, Paris.
2009 WILLPOWER | VOLUME 01 at Theatre de Verre, Paris.
2008 LINE FLOW at Catherine Slip Art Space, New York City.
2007 GRAD SHOW at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena—California.


2018 Talk about Creative Coding for VR—College of X, Berlin 2017 Intro to openFrameworks—HQ, Downtown Los Angeles 2015 Open Source Conference—Berlin


2004 – 2007 Art Center College of Design – Pasadena, California. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design [Honors]
2005 – Coding Visuals with Joshua Davis, Los Angeles – California [2-Day Intensive Workshop]

2005 – Now -> C++ / C / GLSL / JAVA / Javascript -> Autodidacticism
2006 – Coding Visuals with Joshua Davis @ Anderson Ranch in Snowmass Village,
Colorado [1-Week Intensive Workshop]
2014 Codecademy – Javascript Course Certification – Online
2016 – Xth-sense: A BioSensor using muscle movements to make sounds – Electronics
1-Day Workshop by Marco Donnarumma @ Spektrum Berlin
2016 – Introduction to Arduino: 1-Day Workshop with Juan Duarte @ Spektrum Berlin
2017 Udacity – Interactive 3D Graphics (Javascript) – Online
2017 – Now -> Electrical Engineering via Autodidacticism
2018 – Algorithmic Botany: An Introduction to Programming L-Systems, Phyllotaxis and the Golden Ratio in openFrameworks (C++) – Spektrum Berlin [1-Day Workshop]
2019 – eTextiles @ KOBA Wicked Winterschool [1-Week Intensive Workshop] – Berlin, Germany


2015 Hack + Tell Berlin — Winner of creative coded app which pixelizes people’s faces in real-time. 2007 Adobe Design Achievement Awards — Finalist of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards in Interactive Design.