moritz jekat





Non ya

„Non ya“ is an abstract photo diary about the triangular relationship between the artist's partner, his stepdaughter, their migration and their transformation as a multinational social construct called "family". We live in a world which is more accessible and open than ever before. This offers us many different ways of living in various social constructs, especially when enjoying the privilege of living in a first world country like Germany. Moritz Jekat is looking at one of the oldest social constructs which is constantly changing and evolving: Family. This pluralistic concept has been evolving since its inception and many differences depend on which cultural background it originates from. Three very different individuals and identities came together in 2017. Regardless of their age, they are all evolving identities. Finding himself in a parental role and family situation inspired him to start this project. Moritz Jekat's work focuses on seeing the possibility and privilege of living together in a multinational family as an opportunity specific to our contemporary world. The artist's young family brings different heritages into their new relationship. A mixture of portraits and objects from the artist's family's daily life tell us that story. Some of these objects are evidence of their life and their shared household. They give insights into their privacy and provoke thoughts and feelings, but also served as proof to the authorities during the immigration process. Other objects are become sculptures and morph into something new, just like this new family. These objects are their memories, ideas, and represent their past, present, and future. During the creation of this project, Moritz Jekat didn’t want to think about nationality. He tries to strip these associations and look at the person, the spaces, the things that surround and the things that they use, and wants to transport that feeling. As humans, with our social and cultural imprint, he thinks that we choose, consciously or subconsciously, to use certain objects and adjust or transform them. He believes that we also attract and collect objects that way and they become part of us and of our identity.

Berlin, 2018 


1987 - Born in Herdecke, GER

Resides in Berlin

2018 - B.A. of Arts: Visual Coimmunication


LOS ANGELES, USA - Photography Projects


BERLIN, GER - Freelance photographer


EMMEN, NL - B.A. Commercial Economy


2019 05 Tribes.convo – BERLIN

2018 07 Final Graduate Show – POTSDAM

2018 01 Politiken des Design – POTSDAM

2017 11 Neue Tradition – BERLIN

2017 09-10 Interim Festvial – SCHWÄBISCHE ALB

2016 09 Trafo Weisswasser – WEISSWASSER

2016 03 Buchmesse Leipzig – LEIPZIG

2016 02 Über Land – Kulturstiftung des Bundes; HALLE AN DER SAALE


2019 Shortlisted at Dummy Award 2019 – KASSEL

2018 Best of his class with his BA-project „Non ya“ in Communication Design at FH Potsdam