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Jonas Schoeneberg

The Berlin based painter’s artistic practice focuses on painting, sculpture and architecture, where all these elements are combined and result in paintings that immediately reveal two crucial dynamics, those of the viewer and artwork and the artwork and space. His pieces are elaborated constructions that use plaster, pigments and a painting techniques created by the artist himself in his studio. By combining these elements and interests, Schoeneberg’s paintings play visual games with the eye and the historic memory of painting. At times, individual elements in the composition resemble lost civilisations, at others modern masters brushstrokes and more often than not, something altogether different and unfamiliar. Embracing its architectural qualities without distancing the artworks from the tradition of painting, the artist embraces aforementioned tradition by, instead of shying away from its history and everlasting quality, diving into elaborate and untraditional pictorial construction. In his late artworks, outsiders elements, such as smaller sculptures, candles and organic material and brought into the composition to once again, challenge limitations of the painting as only surface. 



Jonas Schoeneberg, born in 1987
Lives and works in Berlin.

Studied Fine Arts at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Braunschweig with Professor Frances Scholz and made his degree in 2017. 

Selected Exhibitions 

2019 - Vitalistic Fantasies, Kang Contemporary, Berlin, Germany

2019 - Born Tomorrow, 029, Berlin, Germany

2018 - Augmented Sunrise Beneath The Skin, Gr_und, Berlin, Germany
2018 - Dead Air (with OmskSocialClub), Gr_und, Berlin, Germany

2018 - Dead Air, Longtang, Zürich, Switzerland

2018 - Dead Air, Gossamer Fog, London, UK

2018 - Haptic House, Horse and Pony, Berlin, Germany

2017 - Core Remission, Gr_und, Berlin, Germany
2017 - Smokescreen, Ying Colloseum, Dresden, Germany
2017 - Tell them we said No, Galerie Koal, Berlin, Germany
2017 - auge sonne arschloch ei, 8.Salon, Hamburg, Germany
2017 - Kennen Sie Turner?, Shoot the Lobster, New York City, USA

2016 - New Economy, Troja Transnational Office, Braunschweig, Germany

2015 - PULPO, KunstWerke, Köln, Germany