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  • Kang Contemporary 90 Lindenstraße Berlin, Berlin, 10969 Deutschland (map)


Lisa Glauer I Vemo Hang I Tatjana Schülke

November 30, 2018 - February 3, 2019.

Exhibition is extended till February 21, 2019

Kang Contemporary Gallery is pleased to announce the group exhibition “Enigmatic Utopia,” featuring three Berlin-based international artists: Lisa Glauer, Vemo Hang and Tatjana Schülke. Each artist uses a different starting point when dealing with cross-sectional societal topics. However, they all contemplate rigorously societal ideals in their individual art practices. They express their concepts in daring experimentations, employ unusual art materials, and tap into interdisciplinary resources and knowledge. The exhibiting artists create and express their individual and subjective perceptions sensitively, aesthetically, and occasionally with a glimpse of humor through their multi-layered and intersectional art and invite viewers to open up to constructive dialogue as well as artistic appreciation.

Lisa Glauer exhibits LED light panels of multi-layered drawings on paper in various shade of ochre yellow, dark orange, and brown, depicting the technological apparatus of the weapons industry. Her investigative research led her to the urban border areas of SanDiego/Tijuana. Recently, the man-made steel border fence is being built up literally to wall-off the human migration. The increased impermeability, presence of massive industry, and physical density interferes with the natural flow of water. Additionally, these massive industrial and military productions have resulted in heavy damage to the environment and to the regional population. According to research by the Scripps Institute, human breast milk in SanDiego/Tijuana region has been determined to be the most contaminated in the world. The artist chose the contaminated human milk as an art material and applies the burning process to express the intersectional global, socio-political, and environmental issues.

Vemo Hang´s wall-mounted sculptural installations are exaggerated proportional models of Go/Weiqi game stones. For the installation, she uses the self-made ceramic wall sculptures in which she adds colored tapes for multi-dimensionality and to create relationship and composition among separate objects. The artist paints onto oval low-relief ceramic the landscape and people in muted tones of green, pink, beige and brown in flowing brush strokes. The images are the modern canon of the Shanshui, the traditional Chinese landscape genre she has practiced. She explores ideas about our relationship with the surrounding spaces, a constructed reality over given space and the shifting landscapes of traveller, inviting the viewer to contemplate on the notion of landscape and spatiality.

Tatjana Schülke has made bas-relief wall hangings and sculptures out of industrial and household materials, as well as found objects, transforming them into her personal motifs of artistic expression. Schülke uses unusual materials such as cardboard honeycomb sheets, tubes, toothpicks, fireworks, yard sticks, mops, Styrofoam and aged wood panels in making her sculptures. Her curiosity and understanding of materials and her pursuit of expressions on given concepts are laid out playfully and aesthetically and mostly in monochromatic tones. On closer view, one can detect the artist´s concerns regarding gender issues, expressions of tension and interplay oscillating between two poles of ideas: visible and invisible, inner and outer, vulnerability and aggression, as well as chaos and order. The artist´s central concern, the transformation of functional utilitarian materials into unique and artistically defamiliarized objects, can be readily seen in the work “Don’t touch me, 2014.”

Earlier Event: September 27
Later Event: February 28