YUNUS II, 2009  oil on canvas  190 x 210 cm

YUNUS II, 2009

oil on canvas

190 x 210 cm

 Dirk Eicken

Dirk Eicken has worked in text, video and performance art. Since the early 2000's, he has primarily focused on using photographs from current events as a point of departure for his multi-layered acrylic and oil paintings. In this exhibition, he showcases a new series of hard- edge striped paintings. This artwork comprises two canvases, with the lower layer depicting photo-realistic portraits of refugees—representing the invisible, whereas the upper layer covers these images with vibrant stripes. The stripes consist of 50 carefully chosen colors, which evolve from the personal narratives of the individual refugees that Eicken had researched previously. A refugee’s name then becomes the title of the respective work.

Eicken was born in Hagen, Germany, and was educated at the Berlin University of Arts. He is a recipient of the Karl-Hofer-Stipendium. He has participated in many group shows, as well as solo exhibitions at the Hengesbach Gallery in Berlin and in Wuppertal.



1959 geboren in Hagen

1980-86 Hochschule der Künste Berlin (Bachmann, gerz, Kudielka, Schnebel) Begegnung mit John Cage

1991 ende Malerei, beginn "über das lächeln" (texte, video-arbeiten; Konzepte)

1994-99 Buchprojekt "über eine Darstellung, die nicht stattfindet" (Überlegungen zu einer Kritik des Sehens)

2000 Neubeginn Malerei